March 31, 2009

Simon - too cute!!!

You've seen Simon a few times before. His mom wanted some Easter pictures of him - so, we ran around the lawn at UCA and played in the tulips Monday afternoon. So much fun! Simon is a hoot, and if he hears that he's gotten a laugh out of you, he'll keep doing whatever he did to make you laugh! And boy, can he dance! ha ha!

I got some new actions yesterday, so I tried a few of them out on Simon's pictures. I like this one below.

Love this picture! He's so done with pictures! ha ha!

I don't know why I love the below picture so much, but I do!
OK, prepare yourself for my favorite picture!!!! He's so cute!!!!!!!

Alison, it's always so much fun for me to take pictures of Simon. It's good seeing you and your mom and getting to hang out while we watch and laugh at Simon! :) Thanks for trusting me to capture your kiddo!!! :)


The Stain Family said...

LOVE the hand on the cute.

Carrie S. said...

Love the one with his hand on his head!!! He's totally done with photos! SO cute!

Stewart Imagery said...

Simon is a cutie! I love the 4th one and the last one, too cute! Great work here!