July 16, 2008

Beach "Family" Pictures

Earlier, I posted some pics of Destin, Florida. I got home from my (way too short) vacation and wanted to post a few more pics. I was down there with several people from my Sunday School class. I made them all bring a white shirt and some form of denim pants, shorts, etc..... so we could take beach pics. I know most people wear white and kahki, but I like the denim. I think it stands out from the sand.
Anyway, here are some shots from our super fun shoot!! I am in some of them, and was totally prepared to use self timer to get the shot, but didn't have to. I set the shots up and got my lighting and everything right, and a friend snapped the shots for me! I took the ones I'm not in. Enjoy!!!!! After the group ones, we took individual shots....you know...so we could all have new facebook profile pics. ha ha!!! This is Beth - one of my best friends!
This is my friend, Angela. The lighting on her pics turned out great. Love this.
I adore this picture! I am not in it, but I just think it is super fun with all the different lenths of pants/shorts and the different color denims.
And, of course, we had to take one of the guys......nice, huh?
Love the finish on this one.
Candice, one of the girls in the group, has family that live in Destin. They helped us find the condo, helped pay for it, opened their home to us, fed us....the list goes on. Such precious people! We wanted to thank them, so we bought them a gift card to their favorite restaurant and the following picture.

July 12, 2008

Lazy Daze of Summer

This is where I am right now....... Some friends from Sunday School and I came down to Destin, FL for a little vacation time. This was our first day on the beach and I thought these red and white umbrellas were SUPER cute!!!

Brittney's Bridals

Today, in Hot Springs, in 90 degree weather, in the sunshine (well, some in the shade) we shot Brittney's bridal portraits. Brittney was a trooper! She did whatever I asked, even if it sounded totally crazy! I think we got some super fun shots, and here are some posted below.....by her permission, of course! Enjoy!!

Below is my absolute favorite from the day!
How cute is she?!

Brittney and I have a special story.....A good friend from her childhood days grew up and became my roommate in 2005. Her name was Lauren Hymer, and she and her boyfriend Matt were killed in a car accident in June of 2006. Brittney and I had never met, but she found me on the wonderful social network that is Facebook, and we would message back and forth some. This past February, we finally got to meet face to face and get to know each other a bit and tell all kinds of fun stories, and share memories of Lauren - such a special bond and precious blessing since I didn't know Lauren as a child and she hadn't got to be a major part of the last few years of Lauren's life. She also asked me to take her wedding photos, so I can share in her wonderful day! I am VERY excited!!!! By the way, the one gerber daisy in the bouquet is in memory of Lauren. Gerbers were her very favorite.

July 9, 2008

Tales from the Camping Trip

Well, ok, there really aren't many tales other than it rained on us most every day, and I had a window air conditioning unit set up in my tent....yes....I am aware that that little tid bit adds to my prissy persona. but, hey....you do what you gotta do. :) Here are a few fun pictures of the kiddos that I took this past weekend. These kids are amazing!!! So much fun!

Ethan REALLY wanted this butterfly to sit on his nose! They played with this thing for hours.

Cerra Cathryn also found lots of amusement with that poor little butterfly. I love this picture!

And Brantley....this child is only alive today because he is so stinking cute!! :) No, just kidding. He kept us laughing the whole weekend. I love this picture of him cheesing. Although, I did have a hard time choosing between this one and the one with powdered sugar from breakfast donuts all over his face.

July 3, 2008

Enjoy your independence day!

I will be camping with the fam this weekend (as you may have read on my sister's blog). I probably won't have cell phone service, and to tell you the truth, even if I do, I probably won't answer my phone. :) So, if you try to reach me to book a date, leave me a message, and I will get back with you as soon as I can on Sunday night or Monday.

I hope you have a great 4th of July Holiday!!!

July 2, 2008

Carter and Summer

I don't think these photos posted in the order I wanted them too. HTML is not my friend. Anyway, this is Carter and Summer! I know them in a very round about way! I am great friends with their dad's sister, Cari. I was in Cari's wedding along with their mom, so that is how I met her! They are from Atlanta, GA, and they were in Arkansas visiting Aunt Cari, GiGi, and Poppa last week. I had tons of fun on this shoot!! Carter kept me on my toes, and Summer gave me all the smiles I wanted! Such cute, sweet kiddos!! Enjoy this little snippet. I was trying to find some to post in black and white, so they wouldn't all be the same. But, their orange clothes and the green, green grass....I had to do them all in color!
(Click to enlarge. Once again I say, HTML is not my friend. I tried to size these pretty large without making them to big to fit on a screen, but who knows!!)

Heather, thanks so much for letting me take pics of your precious kiddos! They are so adorable and too much fun! Glad to know I have a fan base in Georgia! ha ha ha! :) David, sorry you missed out! Maybe next time!!!