September 8, 2014

Collier: Newborns

Sweet Collier was a total champ for his newborns!  He is a doll baby, and was perfect for his session.  :)  Enjoy the sneak peek!!

R Family

I grew up with this family - went to school with Stacy, Robin and Justin.  It was a pleasure shooting all 21 of them the other day!  Y'all - I know you are looking at this thinking "Wow...all those kids must've been a hand full!"  But guess what - they were perfect angels.  They were such well behaved kids!!  It was great!  Sweet kids.  Sweet family.  Enjoy a few of my faves.

Kate & Max

I am so glad the heat is about to be over, but it wasn't quite done during my session with Kate and Max the other day.  But they did great!!  Such cute kiddos!  Enjoy!