November 22, 2010

Grant: Newborn

This sweet little one did great for his first photoshoot!  He slept a little, cried a little, batted his eyes a little.....So precious!  Here are a few of my favorites!  Enjoy.

November 21, 2010

Austin is one!!!!

Austin is one, and has apparently just discovered how to stick his tongue out!  He did it for several of our pictures, but it was too cute, so it was OK.  :)  Here he is being his funny cute one year old self!!  Enjoy!!!

November 20, 2010

T Family

Yesterday afternoon, we had great weather that was perfect for a shoot!  Family pictures and some 3 year shots of Wesley were in order for the day.  This shoot was a lot of fun, and Wesley kept me laughing the whole time!  Enjoy my faves!

This child is a hoot!!!  He was laughing and chatting the whole time - easy to get fun shots!!

November 14, 2010

Lincoln: 9 months

As with all of my Baby's First Year shoots, I am amazed at how quickly they seem to grow.  But Lincoln's first year seems to be passing more quickly than most.  (I'm sure his mom is like "you're telling me!")  Anyway, it was a joy to get to see him and his parents this past weekend.  Time spent with dear friends is always a blessing, and on top of it, I get to do one of my favorite things!  :)  Enjoy some of my favorites of this happy kiddo!!

Loved this hat!  So cute!!!

Cooper is one!

Happy Birthday to Cooper!  He has gotten so big, and I love his super cute teeth!!  :)  He is now mobile, so I got to chase him around a little Saturday morning.  Lots of fun with him and his brother, Trevor.  Enjoy some of my faves!

November 12, 2010

Gram & Sidni

Sunday afternoon, Tracie, Gram, Sidni, and I had a fun time at Hendrix taking lots of pictures around the changing trees!  The tress are FINALLY changing here, and I LOVE it!!!  Lots of good shots!!  Lots of fun!  Enjoy!

November 11, 2010

Kris & Mira are married!

Issac & Drew

These boys were lots of fun on a frosty Saturday morning.  They are the cutest and had on the cutest clothes!!  :)  Enjoy some of my faves!!