March 9, 2009


Several of my prospective brides have asked about the coffee table books I offer. I just got Bryce and Autumn's in, so I took some pictures of it to show everyone what they look like. This is a 10x10, 20 page book. This book comes with a dust jacket that matches the cover of the book. I chose black and white for the cover of this book, but the covers can be full color as well as the pages.
Below: The front cover (Dust Jacket) Below: 1st page. The actual 1st two pages are a blank white page, and a vellum paper page - neither of these is counted towards the total page count.
Below: Pages 2 and 3

Below: Pages 4 and 5

Below: Pages 6 and 7

Below: Pages 8 and 9

Below: Pages 10 and 11

Below: Pages 12 and 13Below: Pages 14 and 15Below: Pages 16 and 17Below: Pages 18 and 19And as I'm typing this, I just realized I didn't take a picture of page 20! Oops!! The page 20 spread looks just like the page 1 spread (with a different picture of course), only on the opposite side.
Below: Back cover (dust jacket) Below: Spine Below: Full Cover (w/out dust jacket)


The Stain Family said...

LOVE it! Makes me want to get married all over, just so I can have one!

Cory and Cari said...

That is a really neat book and you did a fantastic job with the layout! I'm impressed! :)

Stewart Imagery said...

Lindsey, What a beautiful wedding album! This couple is going to flip out over it, I know I would! Who do you get your albums from?

Anonymous said...
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