April 24, 2014

Spring is finally here!! And to celebrate.....


Well, bless Agnes and her mom!  We met the other afternoon for some fun shots, and wouldn't you know it...my camera broke mid-shoot.  They were troopers, and agreed to a 2nd shoot when I was once again in possession of working equipment, but we were able to get a few fun shots this day.  Here are a few of my faves of this sweet Cocker Spaniel!  :)

April 18, 2014

The Great Blog Catch-Up of 2014

Y'all, this is going to either be the most fabulous post ever, or the most overwhelming....depending on your personality.  ;)  I have been so lazy these days, and haven't blogged regularly.  I have posted sneak peeks to Facebook, but not here.  So, to catch up (because I am the type of personality that can't just let all those posts go) I am going to post ALL the photos here in this post!!  Be prepared....it's a lot!  But, there will be quite the variety, and after all, that IS the spice of life, right?  ;)  Here goes!!!

Sweet Abigail!  I grew up with this girl's momma, and had so much fun taking her photos!!  This girl is funny stuff, and we all laughed through the entire shoot!!  :)  Enjoy!

I actually just took Maizy's pics this very afternoon.  She is the sweetest thing, and rocked this shoot!!  I am trying to get into pet photography more, so this was a fun shoot, and great weather!  Here are a few of my faves of this cutie.

These guys.....wow.  I remember when both were born, and Devin (the older one) actually stole my crown of being the baby of the family.....after 17 years!  ;)  I love him anyway, and can't believe he's graduating!!  Enjoy a few of my faves of him and brother, Drew.

This beautiful family was such a fun shoot, and these kiddos kept me on my toes!  Lots of fun, and lots of great shots!!  Enjoy!

Sweet baby Eva!  I shot Eva's big brother's first year - Austin - and I'm super excited to shoot her first year too!  She is definitely a sweetie, and did GREAT for her first photoshoot!  :)  Enjoy some of my favorites.  

This is just a sneak sneak peek of beautiful Taylor's bridals.  I will post more after her wedding, but had to post these 2 - just to show her off.  :)  She and her family are long time friends of mine, and I can't wait to shoot her wedding in less than a month!!  :)  

A few weeks ago, I met a few other photogs in LR for a shoot for us all to network, practice and share ideas and advice.  I had a lot of fun, and got some fun shots of the great models we had!  

Whew!!  Are you worn out?!  :)  I sure am!  I will try not to get so behind on the blog anymore!  :)  Thanks for sticking with me.