September 20, 2012

Mabree & Conlee - at the fair!

For at least a year, probably longer, I have wanted to do a session at a fair.  The colors, the lights, the weather.....what's not to love about a county fair?!?  We tried to do this last year, but got rained out, so I was super excited when Mabree & Conlee's mom was up for a redo this year!  :)  First off, these girls.....I mean, seriously???  Can you get any more gorgeous?!?  They were perfect and I think had some fun too.  :) I know I certainly enjoyed it.  As you can tell, I had a little trouble narrowing down my favorites, and I played around with the editing a little more than usual.  Enjoy some of my favorites!!  Let me know which ones are yours!  :)

Tyler: 3 Mos

Tyler is 3 months old, and a super happy baby!  :)  Lots of fun shots from his session!  Enjoy!

September 12, 2012

Isaac & Drew - Adorable! :)

I work with this handsome boys' mom.  You probably remember them from several previous posts.  I mean, how can you forget these beautiful faces?!?  :)  I got to borrow them this afternoon for a few candy store shots.  They did so good, and we had lots of fun!  Plus they got paid with a giant lollipop!  :)  Enjoy a few of my favorites!!!

September 5, 2012

Hallee is one!!!

I always always have fun shooting Hallee and her parents!  They are so much fun, and are always up for any crazy ideas I have, and sometimes they have crazy ideas of their own.  :)  Hallee's 1 year shoot was a blast, and she did so good for me!  Despite the horrible heat!!  Enjoy!  I had a hard time narrowing it down, as you can tell.  :)