September 26, 2013

Hannah: 7 Months

We were a little late on this sweetie's 3rd shoot, but the weather is so much nicer than a month ago, so maybe being late isn't that bad.  ;)  She is getting so big, and smiley, and ooo, I just LOVE those cheeks!!  :)  Enjoy the sneak peek!!

The M Family

So. Much. Fun.   Tina is my cousin....2nd or 3rd or twice removed or whatever you call it.  I just say cousin.  :)  We grew up a few hours away from each other, but always had a big time when the whole family got together!  We don't live too far apart now, so I was super excited to get to shoot their family session today!  Such a sweet little family, and that Parker....he is a character!  Loved it!!  :)  Enjoy some of my faves!  (I think the booty shot is my fave. ;))

The A Family

The weather is finally getting (and seeming to stay) nice!  So thankful for that as I met this sweet family yesterday afternoon for some fun family pics and some shots of adorable Cora!!  I love a shoot that is fun and easy, and that's exactly what this one was!  Enjoy a few of my favorites!!

September 22, 2013

V Family

I could not have asked for better weather this weekend - beautiful light and great temps!!  I met this sweet family for a quick mini-shoot of some family shots and some of sweet Jonah!  Love his blue eyes!  Enjoy a sneak peek!!

O Family

I always have fun shooting this family.  So many kids, and they always keep me on my toes, but there are always a LOT of laughs!  :)  Enjoy a few of my faves!!

Beckett is One!!

 Cutie Pie Beckett turned one, and we got some fun shots of him on his dad's last day as a fireman!  :)  Love these with the truck and equipment.  Remember his newborn post?  It's one of my faves!  :)  Enjoy!!

September 5, 2013

Eve is on the way!

Such a fun (and breezy) shoot with this beautiful family this evening!  Perfect time of day and not too hot.  :)  Ashley was a trooper for me, and did everything I asked - even the crazy stuff.  Of course these photos are helped out by how absolutely gorgeous these people are.  And Pierce and Mac stole my heart!  Such good listeners and so darn cute!!  Enjoy!!

September 3, 2013


Oh, sweet Harper and her beautiful blue eyes!  :)  I used to work with Harper's mom for a very short time, but long enough to form a sweet friendship before she moved out of state.  We don't talk often, and see each other even less, but we keep in touch, and it's been a pleasure to see Jamie get married and have this sweet baby girl!  They were on a road trip last week, and stopped by Conway for a quick photo-shoot.  Smiles were hard earned, but so sweet!!  Enjoy a few of my favorites!!