March 26, 2009

Rhyan is One!

I am so on top of this blogging thing! I took Rhyan's pictures a mere 5 hours ago! Truth is, I'm on spring break from my full time job, so I have a bit more time than I normally do! :) Gotta love spring break! I am sure you remember Rhyan! She has gotten so big so fast! I can't believe she's one! It is so crazy to see these little ones grow up. Such a blessing! Here are some of my favorites for our shoot. I LOVE her birthday tu tu!!!

Check out those blue eyes!!!
I love her expression in this one just after she yanked that bow out of her hair. :)


Sisters said...

I so what this baby, the clothes and the same pose when I have one! Preciousness!

Cory and Cari said...

This are SO cute Lindsey!

She has really grown up -- very cute and she has really good hair!! Thanks for sharing. O and I love the tutu! Everything single thing is so so cute!!

I am also impressed with your quick turnaround.

Anonymous said...

They are too cute Lindsey! I can't wait to see them all!

Anonymous said...

This is Johnna by the way :)

Anita said...

she's a doll!! great pics!