October 18, 2014

Travis, Corrie & Bailey

These 2 are always fun to shoot, and this year, they brought their sweet baby, Bailey!  :)  I have known Travis almost my whole life, and known Corrie since they got married.  Such sweet people, and good friends.  Enjoy a few of my favorites!!

October 13, 2014

B Family

I love my job.  And one of my favorite things about it is that I get to develop relationships with my clients.  I get to see their kiddos grow up.  I have a little sneak peek into their lives for a few minutes, and I'm oh so grateful for that.  This sweet family have been clients for a long time - I shot Grant's 1st year.  I wasn't able to shoot them last year, so I was super excited to get the chance again this year.  And my, how they've grown!  Enjoy a few of my favorites!!

Eva: 6 Months

This little cutie is growing like a weed, and getting cuter by the day!  I can't believe she's already 6 months old!  I met her and her family the other day for her session, and we got some great shots!  Enjoy!

Katelyn: Newborn

Katelyn is such a sweet doll baby!  She slept for most of her session, and oh!  Those sweet lips!!  Precious!  Enjoy a few of my faves!!

S Family

Oh, this sweet sweet family!  My life has intersected with theirs in so many ways, and it's such a joy to know them.  I actually shot this photo for an ad for my day job, but just wanted to share it here.  This little girl has overcome so many obstacles, but to her - it's just life and it's just what you do.  She is fierce, and brave, and audacious, and everyone should strive to be more like her.  

Laney: 6 months

Sweet Laney!!  Her 6 month shoot was great - she's such a happy smiley girl!!  :)  Enjoy the sneak peek!