March 28, 2009

Busy Bee

Hey everyone! I know, I all are thinking "this is, like, her 5th blog in a week!" lol! i have been blogging more than normal lately, but it's because i've go such wonderful clients!!! i hope to keep the blogs coming. I have one set of pics right now that i will get posted soon, and i have 3 shoots next week, plus a wedding! I've also got lots scheduled for April. So, there is lots more to come! I hope you like what you see when you visit my blog! :) And, i want to say thanks to everyone out there who visits the blog! Thanks to everyone who loves my work enough to trust me to capture your memories! And thanks to you all who tell your friends and family about me! Word of mouth has been my best form of advertisement! I've decided that I might possibly have THE best clients ever! :)

Stay tuned over the next few weeks! There will be lots to come!!!


Kelli Stuart said...

that's great you're staying so busy!!! i just have a couple of family sessions and a wedding scheduled, but i'm hoping that changes now that the weather is warming up and my ad is about to come out in the yearbook.

Welborn Family said...

I have so enjoyed looking at your pictures! You are a wonderful photographer!! :)