March 17, 2009

Introducing Logan!

I'm sure you all remember Baby Jay from several of my past posts - well, on March 5, 2009 Jay got a new baby brother! Meet Logan. I went to the Howell home yesterday afternoon and got to meet Logan for the first time. He's a very sweet baby who loves to sleep! :) Here are some of my favorites!For the most part, Jay was not super interested in his new brother. But, there were a few times he would crawl past and stop to touch him. I LOVE this shot!!!We got one of these of Jay, so we wanted one of Logan too! So cute!And dad, Trey, didn't want to be the only Howell man without a ring on the toe picture - so, here ya go, Trey! Enjoy!! :)
Christina and Trey - I ALWAYS have fun at your house! It is such a joy to get the chance to take pictures of dear friends, and I thank you for the opportunity! I have quickly grown to love your family and I can't wait to keep watching it grow! Hope you enjoy your sneak peak!


Anonymous said...

Love them! The baby in the basket with the little brother's arm is SO sweet!

*when you see where someone from Augusta, Ga., has been on your site (it's me)*

-Carrie S.

Cory and Cari said...

YEAH for baby Logan! I love it! He looks SO much like Jay when he was first born.

I also love the "Moses" basket. I think that is the exact basket that Moses was put in and floated down the river! :)


Stewart Imagery said...

These are adorable! My favorites are the first one, and the one of the shelving, too cute!!!

Welborn Family said...

I always enjoy looking at your pictures! You always have something unique. Great Job!!