May 26, 2013

Bethany: Senior

Well, Bethany's graduating is the final nail in the coffin of my aging.  :)  Bethany is the youngest of 2 siblings that my sister and I used to babysit.  And she's graduating!!!  Ugh!
But, that's not bad news for her!  :)  I got to shoot her senior pics last week, and let me just say she is just a precious now as she was when she was 3.  :)  I had so much fun taking her pics and catching up with her and her sister.  Like family, they are!  And always will be.  Love her!  Love her family!!  Enjoy!

Hannah: 3 Mos

We've had lovely weather this past few days, and it was perfect for my shoot with Hannah last week.  She was such a sweetie and has the brightest eyes!  :)  Enjoy of a few of my faves!!

May 22, 2013


Hot, humid and sunshine-y this past Saturday, but Amber was a trooper!  We had fun tromping through the grass for her session this weekend.  Enjoy a few of my faves!!

May 11, 2013

H Fam

I shot this family back before Christmas, if you remember.  I am good friends with Kim and Spencer, and I met them at their lovely home this afternoon for a mini-shoot with the family.  So. Much. Fun!!  Love these folks dearly, and their kids are cute and hilarious!!!  I had trouble narrowing it down!  Enjoy a few of my faves!!

Ella & Olivia

  Oh, I have missed these sweet faces, and I was so excited for the chance to take their pictures again!!  Olivia, who is now 3, was 1 the last time I saw and shot her.  You may remember her from several previous posts when I did her Baby's 1st Year sessions.  And I'm sure you will remember Ella from a few of those sessions as well!  I met them with mom and dad yesterday afternoon and grabbed a few shots in a quick mini-shoot!  Enjoy!!!

Beckett: 9-ish Months

Beckett was a tough crowd when we started the other day, but warmed up and gave me some smiles eventually.  He just gets cuter as he gets older, and is such a hoot!!!  Enjoy some of my faves!!

Hudson: 3 Months

The blue eyes.  The sweet cheeks.  The darling smiles.  Oh my!  Hudson is getting cuter than ever, and I so enjoyed taking his pictures the other day!!  Enjoy the sneak peek!!!

Katarina: Newborn

She was born 23 days after my sister, and a little more than 10 months before me.  She was an only child until she was 10, and her dad is my mom's little brother.  We grew up together - her like the 2nd sister I never had - playing, pretending, fighting...all of it.  Oh the memories I have of our childhoods and growing up and sleep-overs at Grandpa and Granny's house.  Mira gave birth to her first baby just days ago - a little girl.  I hope this sweet one grows up making fun memories with her cousins like her mother and I did.  :)  Enjoy some of my favorites from Kat's newborn shoot!!