October 29, 2008

Bryce and Autumn

Here is a little Sneak Peak for Bryce and Autumn. They were married on Saturday at the First Baptist Church in Judsonia. The couple opted for a first look, which is such a great idea! Hope you like!! Here is a quick snap of when they saw each other for the first time. It was such a great reaction! They were so sweet!These next few are some of my favorites. Bryce and Autumn were willing to do whatever, so we hopped in the car and went up the road to some really cool old buildings. Thanks for being so flexible, guys! I hope you like these shots we got and it makes cramming Autumn and her dress into my car worth it! ha ha!!

I really liked this shot of Bryce with his groomsmen.
This is right after they ate their cake. Look how stress-free they seem to be! :)The front of this church was so pretty and light. I loved it! I could have shot out there all day! A HUGE thanks to Kelli Stuart from Photography by Kelli M! She shot 2nd for me and helped keep my stress level down. She did a great job! Be sure and check her blog for a sneak peak too!

October 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Hello all! I have had a crazy past week/weekend!!! I feel like I've been going non-stop since last Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I spent in Eureka Springs with my boss at a Financial Aid conference. (for those of you who don't know, my day job is a financial aid officer at a small college here in Conway) At the conference, we took part in a fund raiser which was a pumpkin carving contest. We took first prize with the "throw up pumpkin" as every called it. It was one of those where you carve a sick face then take all the gross guts from the inside of the pumpkin and string it out the mouth to look like vomit - very 12 year old boy, we know. But hey! We won!
Friday night, after I got home, I baked up some yummy homemade chex mix and headed over to my friend Laura's house for our 2nd annual pumpkin carving party/contest. We had lots of yummy goodies, and once again, my pumpkin took first place!! Yay!! I'm getting to be a professional.
Saturday, I got the opportunity to shoot Bryce and Autumn's wedding. I got some super fun shots from that day that I will be posting soon.
Until then, check out some pics from Laura's house, Friday night.

Laura is a whiz in the kitchen! She made up all of these yummy Halloween themed snacks for us! This first one is Peanutbutter Eyeballs! You make peanut butter balls, dip them in white chocolate, top them with an eye-colored M&M and then take red icing to make the bloodshot look.

Below are 2 of my favorites! The first one (on the left) are Ghost cookies. They are made from a Nutterbutter cookie, dipped in white chocolate with mini-chocolate chip eyes. The other treats are "Melted Witches." I had never seen these before, but they are adorable!! First, you dip a Bugle chip (does everyone remember bugles??) in chocolate. While it's wet, stick it on top of an Oreo. Melt a little pile of white chocolate chips to make the puddle, and lay the "hat" onto it while it's still wet. The broom is made from a pretzel stick and dyed yellow coconut. Who would have thought?! So cute!!

And I'm pretty sure I hate like 6 of these or something....well, ok, maybe not six but several. These are "Mummies on a Stick" made from hot dogs wrapped in a crescent roll. Super yum!Here is the beginnings of my award winning Jack-O-Lantern. I don't really care for the smell, but I sort of like digging the guts out of the pumpkin! LOL!!!And, here it is, all finished!
I hope you all have a super fun and safe Halloween!!! Make some of those yummy treats for your kiddos! They will love it!!!

October 27, 2008

Sam - 7 Months

The Old Mill in Little Rock was a great background for Sam's 7 month shoot. He was awake and happy, but playing a little coy. He kept giving us just enough smile to get by. Ha ha!! So funny! It was a precious face, though. Hope you enjoy these! (so sorry if they pics are disporportionate. for some reason, they loaded REALLY large, and once again...HTML is not my friend. i'm trying to fix it.)

October 20, 2008


This past Saturday, I met Noah and his parents for some shots at his grandparents' home. He was in a great mood, and we had lots of fun! Here are some cute ones from our day. Enjoy!!
Our first smile of the day!

Love the drool!!! :)

I adore the look on his face in this one!

Mandy, Josh, and Noah, it was great meeting you all the other day! I had a blast! I hope you enjoy your pictures!!!

October 15, 2008

Cory & Cari

SO MUCH FUN! Cory and Cari are wonderful friends of mine (Cari is in an earlier post of my weekend in Memphis) that now live in Northwest Arkansas - much to my dismay. However, I had the best time when my sister, brother-in-law and I went to go visit them a couple weeks ago. Before we left, we managed to wander down Dickson Street in Fayetteville and get some fun shots of Cory and Cari for their Christmas card. I'm trying some new actions and finishes for my pictures, so let me know what you think! (Thanks to my wonderful sister for showing me the cool new actions and finishes!)

These last 2 are my favorites!!
Hey, you two! I love you both very much and miss you both very much! Thanks for opening your home to us, and thanks for being amazing friends. There are friends that you have that you just know, no matter how far apart you live or how often you talk or see each other, you're going to be stuck with them for life! :) ha ha! I'm so glad we're stuck with each other!

October 13, 2008

Rhyan's 6 months

How much do you love this bumble bee costume? Rhyan is going to be a bee for Halloween, so her parents wanted some pictures of her in it. So cute!!!This girl and her bows - love them!!!She LOVES the tutu!! A true girly-girl at heart! These are some of my favs.

Rhyan did so great for this shoot!!! She did whatever, and never fussed about it! I just want to squeeze those cheeks!!! :)

October 2, 2008

Jay is 9 months old!

Can you believe this child is already 9 months old?? I probably say that on all of his posts, but I just cannot believe he's gotten so big! It seems like a few months ago that I was taking his newborn pictures. Crazy stuff!!
Christina, Trey, and Jay headed downtown with me to grab some funs shots of Jay, but also some family shots. Jay will be a big brother in the spring, so we wanted to get some fun pictures of just the 3 of them before their lives change once again!

Look at those teeth!I love the look on his face in this one!

Trey has been rebuilding a jeep....or something...not exactly sure what all he's done to it. Anyway, we wanted some fun shots of Jay "driving."

Once again, I had so much fun!!! I can always count on you all to entertain me while I work. ha ha! Love you tons!