March 29, 2008


Sam was 1 week old last Tuesday, and his parents wanted some cute newborn pictures of him, and also one to go on his birth announcement. Here are some sweet ones from our session. So adorable!!!

Taylor at the Rivermarket

These latest of Taylor were taken at the Rivermarket, and I REALLY enjoyed our day. The weather was gorgeous, and we had so much fun. There are so many places at the Rivermarket to take pictures, and we tried to hit as many spots as we could!

Taylor, thanks for always being so willing to get your picture made, and being so fun while we are doing it!! I had so much fun with you and your mom!! Thanks for lunch! Hope you love your senior pictures!!!

Tweet Tweet....Coming soon

So I walked out my front door the other day (something I don't normally do because I use the garage), and I noticed a small bird's nest in the wreath on my front door. Now, the wreath is a fall time wreath, and I understand that if I would have taken it down when Fall was over, I wouldn't have this problem. But, now that the nest is built, I can't very well take it down! Also, There are little robin's eggs in it! I noticed 1 on Tuesday, and 2 on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday, 4 on Friday, and this morning, there were 5!! Here are some fun pictures I took from the inside of the my house. These were taken through a glass door, so excuse the quality. I hope to get some good shots when the eggs hatch, and if I do, I will post them!

There are now 5 eggs! So cute!!

March 14, 2008

Planning a Wedding?

Just wanted to give a heads up to all the brides out there who may be kind of lost when it comes to the whole "planning a wedding" craziness: I can recommend a GREAT caterer and/or florist if you still can't find who you are looking for! Let me know and I can get you that contact information!

March 12, 2008

Early Easter Egg Dying

Some may think I am crazy, but I think eggs are beautiful. Even when un-dyed, I just think they are such a pretty form, pure white, smooth.....I know I sound like a loony-bird, but I really do like the way they look. My Sunday school class had a fun little Easter gathering last weekend, and we dyed eggs. I took lots of fun pictures, but I loved these because of all the bright colors....and, of course, they are of beautiful eggs!!! ha ha!! Just a little snack for your eyes to get you in the Easter mood - just remember what Easter is really about. JESUS LIVES!!!!!!!!

Snow Day

Last Friday, we got a bit of snow. And in Arkansas, a bit is a lot! And, we got it in March, nonetheless! Anyway, I got to go play with my sister and her kids, and here are a few fun ones of the kiddos! Ethan, apparently LOVES eating snow....just look at the satisfied look on his face below! ha ha!!!Cerra Cat.....this girl is a mess! And I only got a few of her because she was the smart one and went inside when her hands got cold!!
And him! So funny in the snow...he liked it, he liked being outside, but when he realized his hands were getting wet through his gloves, he wanted no part of it!
These kids really are the light of my life!!! How cheesy does THAT sound?! ha ha!!! They really are the best, and I have no idea how I survived my boring life before they were born!!!