April 30, 2008

Baby Rhyan

This little cutie is the daughter of one of my co-workers. I have never seen this girl without a bow - and I LOVE her bows!! Here are some sweet pictures I got at her 1 month shoot yesterday. After a few pictures of us just making her down right mad, she finally drifted off, and I snapped away. So precious!**********My Favorite!**********
The ones in front of the black were some of the first we took. She didn't seem to appreciate it, really. But, she got comfy and went right to sleep!
Her nursery was the perfect place for pictures! Very light!! These are a couple of my favorites from in there.

Jonathan and Johnna, thanks for letting me come into your home and share your baby for a few minutes! She is adorable!! Keep the bows coming! Ha Ha!!!

April 28, 2008

Hobbs Wedding

This is Ashley. I spent Saturday afternoon as a 2nd shooter for my sister at this wedding. Petit Jean Mountain. Gorgeous Weather. Beautiful Lake.....all perfect ingredients for an amazing wedding. Here are a few favorites from the day.This one is my absolute favorite! This was the couple's first dance - a very special moment.

Check my sister's blog for more shots from the wedding.
CLA Photography

April 23, 2008


Little League Baseball pictures are SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! Yes, it was crazy, but still, so much fun! I took individual shots of each player, and of course, the traditional team shot. But, some of the parents wanted this one, and I love it!! This is a fun idea, and such a fun picture.
Go Braves!!!!!!!!

Sidni's Tu-Tu Pictures

I have been dying to take some girlie tu-tu pictures!!! This little girl belongs to my cousin, and she is ADORABLE!!!!! With this age, you don't ever know if they will tolerate an itchy tu-tu, or want to rip the beads off, or what......but Sidni LOVED it all!!! She couldn't get enough of the beads, and when we tried to take them off later for a different outfit, she did NOT appreciate it! So, she kept them on! Ha Ha!! Here are some super cute ones from our day, however she looks so cute in them all, it was hard for me to choose just a few. I am sure her daddy will love this!!!! :)
Peek-a-boo!! She is also a girl after my own heart, because she really liked the feather boas!!!

It was hard to keep her still in one place for very long, so I got several of this kind of shot!
Tracie, thanks for letting me borrow your kiddo for the afternoon!!! I had so much fun and I hope you enjoy the pictures!!! This girl looks great in pictures, and is so much fun!!!


Here is a sneak peak of some senior shots I took of Nathan on Sunday. He has the bluest eyes!!! Love it! Enjoy!!!


This is a fun post! And this day was a VERY fun day for me!! Last Saturday was Conway High's Prom, and I got to spend all day helping a couple girls get ready for it, then we went to Hendrix College to take some fun pictures. I am sure you remember Taylor from lots of previous posts. (she is one of the most fun girls I know, by the way...) I have done her hair for most if not all of her formal or semi-formal dances throughout highschool. Taylor has LOTS of hair!!!!! I think we spent a good 2 hours just curling it!!! But, it's OK. We had fun, and we got to watch "Enchanted" 2 times that day!! Ha Ha!!!!! "I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss...." (if you haven't seen it yet, you should!!! GREAT movie!!!!!)This is Sarah. She spent the day with Taylor getting ready too!
Taylor and her boyfriend, Nathan.
This is TANK - Taylor, Andrew, Nathan, and Kara. They are great friends who have regular "TANK" nights. So, of course, we had to get a picture of them being them.

Busy, Busy, BUSY!!!!!

Wow!!!! My life has been super crazy the past few weeks, and the sad thing is, I am not sure I can tell you exactly everything I have been doing! I just know that the last time I was home for longer than an hour (not sleeping) was......well, I can't even remember! Do you ever have weeks like that? Weeks that you just run around crazy, then when you finally have time to come home and sit down, you have no idea what you have been doing!!! I don't know about you, but I don't like it! I love being social, but I love my alone time too - time to be at home and relax. Or, just time to be at home to clean, so I can relax!! ha ha!!

I know the busy-ness is good. It keeps me active, so on those days I don't make it to the gym, I don't feel totally guilty! And, a lot of the busy is coming from my wonderful clients!! I have had lots of shoots lately, and that is SUPER exciting!!!!! I actually got a call yesterday from the editor of Women's Inc. Magazine, and they want me to start doing some more work for them!! I don't even know if I can express how excited I was, and still am! Now---where to find the time to edit them all....hmmm.....I guess I can just sleep less at night....people can function just fine on 3 hours of sleep per night, can't they?????

April 14, 2008

Camping Trip

I went camping with some friends this weekend and enjoyed an extremely fun and relaxing time. I took lots of pictures (of course), and here are some fun ones from the trip. The chocolate lab is Dixie. She belongs to a friend of mine, and she was sort of our mascot this weekend. She mooched food, fetched flip flops from the creek and even snuck into bed with a few of us when it got really cold Saturday night. She is a very sweet girl, and VERY photogenic!! Dogwoods were everywhere! So pretty!!!
And, I couldn't resist this little batch of yellow wild flowers. So cute and I love the way they stand out in front of all that green.

April 10, 2008

Women's Inc.

Exciting News!!!! Some of my photographs will appear in upcoming issues of Women's Inc. magazine!!!! A friend of mine is the new food writer, and she selected me to be her photographer! Here are a few pictures I have taken so far that may appear in the April/May issue and the June/July issue. Be sure and grab a copy when they come out!!!

Baby Jay - 4 Months

OK, so these were supposed to be 3 month pictures, but I was busy, and Jay's mom was busy, and.......you are now looking at 4 month pictures! But, isn't he getting so big?! And still super cute!!! And he looks so much like his dad!!!!!!

This one is my favorite from our shoot. I just love his expression!

April 4, 2008

Nest Egg(s)

For those of you interested in my impending hatching, here are a few more pictures of my new pet. There are now six eggs, and she hasn't laid any for several days. So, I think she is finally finished. Although...I am beginning to question whether or not they will actually hatch, because I never see her sitting on them. Anyway, the little eggs are so cute and pretty blue! This is a view of the FRONT of the wreath. The nest is sort of hidden behind flowers and ribbon, so I drew a circle around it. You can see it so much better from inside the door.
And, for those of you laughing that I still have a Fall time wreath up, here is the entire wreath in all its autumnal glory. It really is lovely. I can see why a bird would want to make its home there. :) Once they are hatched, I will take it down!!!