July 28, 2014

Maxwell & Maggie & Mom

Kimberly is an amazing photographer I met a few month ago, and I got the opportunity to shoot her and her sweet puppies last week.  These dogs are the sweetest!!  So much fun!  Enjoy a (more than) few of my favorites!

S Family/Maternity

Another Family/Maternity session the other day!  This sweet family is expecting baby girl #3 soon, so we got some fun photos of the 4 of them.  Enjoy of few of my favorites!

R Family/Maternity

You may remember this family from daughter Claire's 1st year sessions.  Baby brother Collier is on the way, and we met the other day for some shots of the family of 4 with baby on the way!  Enjoy!

W Family

I have known Christy since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.  She used to sleep over at my house all the time!  :)  I have said it before, but I love photographing childhood friends.  It's so special and always a fun time to catch up!  Enjoy some of my faves of this family and SISTERS!

Eva 3 Months

Sweet, happy Eva!  She rocked her 3 month shoot like a champ.  :)  And so did brother, Austin!