December 16, 2012

Rowin & C Family Maternity

Rowin is not quite 2, and all boy!  :)  There was a train going by at the beginning of our shoot, and he could not keep his eyes off of it!  :)  It finally passed, and he warmed up for me and started smiling.  He is so funny, and has the sweetest smile!!!  Enjoy some of his shots and a few of baby #2 on the way!  :)

Davis & Cora

Oh, sweet babies!!  I love some twins, and this was a first for me for newborn twins!  Davis and Cora are sweeties, and did amazing for their first shoot!  :)  Cora was wide-eyed the whole time, but Davis just snoozed away.  :)  Wonder if that is any indication of future personalities.  Enjoy a sneak peek!!

H Family

You will remember these cuties for sure!  These 4 brothers are always a hoot, and their mom and dad are pretty funny too!  :)  Enjoy a few of my faves!!  

December 4, 2012

Tyler: 6-ish Months

Tyler is growing like a weed, and is such a happy boy!  :)  We had some unseasonably warm weather for our shoot the other day, but it worked out great for our session!  Enjoy some of my faves!!!


The last time you saw Bryce on my blog, he was turning 1.  Now he is 4, and is one of the funniest kids I have ever met!  Oh, this sweet face - just like looking into his mother's face, for sure!  I had so much fun at his shoot, and didn't want it to end!  :)  Enjoy some of my faves!!

Maddox is one!!

Can you believe this cutie is already one?!?  I couldn't believe it when his mom called to schedule his last session!  He has gotten so big, and is so full of personality!  Adorable!!  Enjoy a few of my faves!