August 9, 2009

Matt & Lauren: Engaged!

This afternoon, Matt, Lauren, & I drove out to Okatoma for an engagement shoot. Okatoma is GEORGOUS!! So, of course, I was super excited to get to shoot there. And it helped that Matt and Lauren are good friends of mine from church, and I'm totally pumped to be shooting their wedding in September. Here are some of my favorites from our shoot, but I had a hard time narrowing it down. Enjoy!

OK, yes, it sucks to be sitting in the tall grass in 90 degree weather in the Arkansas humidity - but I LOVE this picture! Hope ya'll do too! :)

I'm not sure exactly what it is about this picture that I like so much, but I really do.

Matt & Lauren, I had tons of fun today! Thanks for choosing me as your wedding photographer! :) I am looking forward to your wedding in September. I wish you both every happiness that life can bring!


Cari said...

Very cute! Its good to see you back in the photo bloggin world!! Welcome back!

Christina Anderson said...

so good Linds ---love the location! May have to talk Matt into letting us bum it sometime to have some family pics there!!! Great!

Laura said...

These are fabulous photos! Lindsey, you did a great job. Love them all!

Stewart Imagery said...

These are gorgeous, awesome work, Lindsey! I love the overhead view and the vintage look, it's my favorite!

Virginia said...

More great photos -- great looking and very happy couple. Love you both, Virginia