August 19, 2009

Emma: 9 Months

Emma is 9 months old and has gotten so big! She was all smiles for me yesterday, so it made my job SUPER easy! :) I got these edited for blogging and realized I edited them in a way that gave them sort of a vintage feel. It wasn't intentional, but I really like them. I had lots of favorites, so it was hard to narrow them down! Here are a few. Enjoy!


Scott Duncan said...

Yeah!! We had so much fun yesterday!! Of course we can't wait to see all the pics!! Thanks Lindsey!

the osbornes said...

Lindsey, these are just wonderful!! Of course I saw first-hand what an easy subject you had, but you did such a great job with her!! Love, love, love them!


Crystal said...

so sweet!! These are great!

Soosie said...

Lindsey, I love these shots and the vintage captured the moment, that's for sure! Just beautiful..
Emma's "Aunt Susie" in Conway