August 8, 2009

Haley, Hope, & Addison - And Fam.

Thursday, I met Haley and Hope at Addison's house for some cousins pictures. So much fun!! I am sure you remember Addison from a couple previous posts I did of her. She is still very much the same charming blue eyed thing she always has been! This day, she kept me on my toes! :) Here are some of my favorites. This first one is Haley. She's 11. Great smile in this first one! Here is Hope. I don't think I got her age. But she did great for me!

And Addison - loved the boas!!!

OK, so the girls' moms are sisters, and so we got some fun sister shots while they are down visiting from ALASKA. (i thought my sister moving to Nebraska was bad.) I love this shot because it is so telling of sisters. Any girl out there with a sister will totally get this. :) And I love it because the frame I shot right after this was them laughing together.

Aaron & Tammie, thanks for letting me into your home once again - and for letting me have a glimpse into your sweet family! :) It was so much fun! And I hope that you finally got all the feathers out of the carpet! :)

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