December 4, 2009

Hanging of the Green

I have always wanted to be one of those people who decorated their entire home for Christmas. One of those people who puts a tree in every room. One of those people who puts garland and lights on mantles and tables and shelves. One of those people who has richly colored Christmas hand towels in the guest bathroom. Do you know any of those people? I am not one of those people. :) I always start out with the best of intentions, and lose my momentum somewhere along the way. However, I DO put up a tree every year. This year, it's a little later than usual, but it's up! I may just leave it up later since it took me so long to finally finish it! :)

I love putting up my tree. Partly because I LOVE twinkle lights and think they make any room look fabulous. Partly because I love to sip hot cocoa and listen to Josh Groban sing "O Holy Night", and tree decorating goes perfectly with those activities. MOSTLY because I love getting out every ornament and reliving the moment I got that ornament or remembering the person who gave me the ornament or just enjoying the cuteness of the ornament. I know this probably sounds like the dorkiest thing you have ever heard, but it's my favorite. I love, love, love my ornaments. In fact, sometimes I don't like putting them on the tree because I worry they will get "lost" in the whole mass of lights and limbs and garland. And I want each of mine to stand out. I want people to notice them when they come into my home. I want them to marvel at how lovely each one is, then ask me how I came to acquire it, thus giving me a chance to share with them my wonderful memories. Yes, yes, among other kinds of nerdiness I possess, you can now add "Crazy Ornament Lover" to the list. :)

I love them so much, I am sharing some of them with you. This is not all of them, by any means. But, it's a few (very few) of my favorites. Enjoy!

This is my tree - I got a new one this year. Skinner than my old one, but taller too. It's pre-lit - God bless the man who thought of that! :) My tree skirt is new too. I love it. I think it looks like something from Who-ville. :) And yes, that is a red feather boa atop that tree!
This poinsettia has no special meaning - I just like them because they are very sparkly and I got them on sale at Hobby Lobby today. :)
This ornament is probably the one I have had for the longest. I got it from my high school Student Council Sponsor. We had a Christmas party at her house one year, and she had made us all Santa icesicle ornaments. He's been around a while!
This one below is the cutest thing! I love it! My friends Christina, Cari and Beka and I used to have monthly girls' nights. For our December one a couple years ago, we had a progressive dinner and ornament exchange. We bought each girl an ornament that represented us. Christina got this one because she used to own a pot bellied pig! :) I mean, who doesn't love a fat little piggie in boots and a scarf?? :)
The one below is from my friend Abby. She get me an ornament every year, and I love all of them. But this little Santa-sicle is probably my favorite - I love the shape of him!!!

This mask is from my friend Cari. When I lived with her a few years ago, she used to go visit her brother and sister-in-law in New Orleans a lot. She would always bring me back a boa or mardi-gras mask. So, this little ornament is a memory of that.
My friend Beka got me this Willow Tree angel. I don't have any other Willow Tree things, so I love this a lot!
Below is one of my newest ornaments. I got it this summer on my trip to Destin, FL. So much fun!
Over the years, I have had lots of roommates, and at Christmas, we would always fill each others' stockings. A few years ago, I lost my roommate to a horrible car accident. I was especially sad that holiday season and my sister new that. So, she had all of my friends get me an ornament in memory of Lauren - these were my "stocking stuffers", and they have remained some of my most precious ornaments. The one below is from Michael and Christie Treat - they were good friends of Lauren and Matt and got me this picture ornament of them. I love, love, love it. I don't have lots of pictures of them.
The bell below is from my sister and brother-in-law, Christina and John. It's a "Lauren ornament" too. I love it. I love the snowflake top, and I can't help but ring it every time I get it out of the box. You know....just helping an angel get its wings. ;)
The little snowman below is my "Lauren ornament" from my nephews and niece, Ethan, Cerra Cathryn, and Brantley. Cerra and Brantley probably don't remember Lauren, but Ethan does. Every time someone talks about Heaven or someone passes away, Ethan always asks about Lauren. So sweet. :)

This one below is the "Lauren ornament" that my parents got me. It's so pretty - one of the few purple ones I have.
This is just a handful of my favorites, but I hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as I enjoyed sharing them. I love my tree because it's not just pretty - it's a standing scrapbook in my living room. I can look at it and realize that I am loved and surrounded by a host of wonderful friends and family.
I would love to hear about your special ornaments! If you blog, I encourage you to write a blog just like this. If you just blog stalk, please leave a comment and share your favorite ornament memory with me!!!


Christina Anderson said...

Love this post!!! So glad you are still enjoying your "Lauren" ornaments! She was a special girl and what a special thing to have each year in memory of her!

My favorite ornaments to put on our tree are the dried oranges and cinnamon stick crosses John made our first Christmas together. Of course I love putting on the kids ornaments that they've acquired over the years so far.....but the ones John and I made for our first tree will always hold a special memory!!!

Love you and can't wait to see that new tree when we are in AR!!!

Heather O'Dell said...

I LOVE your tree and I love your post about the ornaments that are special to you. SO sweet!

Mira said...

My favorite is a Strawberry Shortcake one that my Granny Jane got me in 1982. It always hangs at the top of the tree and I think about her everytime I get it out.

Paige said...

Oh Lindsey I LOVE your tree and I LOVE your nerdiness because I share it too!

There are too many to narrow down so we shall do it in collections. My hallmark ornaments are by far my favorite. I've been collecting them for 20 something years. I have lighthouses, churches, nativities, city scapes. I love my hallmark ornaments. Each year I love pulling them all out and then finding my new ones I forgot I had purchased.

The other favorite are the ones that mom had on her tree that she gave me when Mary Ann and I moved in together. It was such a "I've grown up" moment. Some are ones she made, some I made, and then just ones I remember from being a kid.