November 26, 2009

What's on Your Nightstand? 2nd installment

It's been a while since I've had a "What's on Your Nightstand" post, so I thought since I was enjoying a couple days off , I would squeeze one in. You will notice, as I post more and more of this type of post, that I enjoy a lot of fiction books. Very seldom will I ready anything besides fiction. I will, occasionally, read non-fiction, but most of time, fiction is my friend. :)

I have actually been trying to read this book for a couple months now. I started reading it in the middle of busy season, so there are days/weeks when I will only read a few pages or none at all. However, this is probably the 20th time I've read this book. No joke. That is not an exaggeration. I LOVE this book. My friend, Jill, bought it for me for my 14th birthday. :) The pages and cover of my copy are very tattered. The spine is cracked and coming apart from the pages. That is a sign of a great book. That doesn't mean the book has been mistreated - it has been loved - several times. :)

"Christy" is a classic that I recommend to anyone who enjoys a good story. It is fiction, but based on true events. Christy Huddleston grows up in a privileged home in a fairly big city, but after one year of college, she decides to move to a remote cove in the Smokey Mountains to teach the children of the cove. The people are very "backwoods" and behind the times, modern conveniences are unheard of, and most of the people don't even own shoes. Christy moves to Cutter Gap to help improve the educational conditions of the children there, but in turn learns very much about herself, God, and how to love the "unlovable."

I can't even totally explain how great the book is! :) Just read it!

And, I've also been skimming through the pages of the New Moon Illustrated Movie Companion. LOL! :) I just saw the movie last week - loved it, by the way. But this book goes through how the movie was made, which contrary to what it sounds like, is actually pretty interesting. :)

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Christina Anderson said...

I'm pretty sure it's wrong to post about these 2 things in the same post! :) It's fun to see you still posting though.....I haven't had anything new on my nightstand lately...I need to hop to it!!!