May 1, 2009

8 Things

8 things...

I was tagged by 
my dear friend Cari who knows I love a good survey about myself!!  :) 

Here are the instructions for 8 Things:
* Mention the person that tagged you
* Complete the list of 8 things
* Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends
* Go tell them you tagged them

8 Things I look forward to:

- DESTIN!  June cannot get here fast enough!
- The day when I can be a full time photographer!!
- Getting married - if that ever happens.  I'll be OK if it doesn't, but I sure would like it if it did. 
- Every week I look forward to 5pm on Friday!
- Being completely and totally financially sound - not rich - just enough to pay bills and not have to worry all the time.
- My next visit to each of my friends' houses that live far away!
- "Wicked" - I got tix to go see it this summer!
- Christmas - random, but I look forward to it every year!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

- Took pics of a newborn.
- Went to Wal-Mart.
- Cleaned my bathroom.
- Made my bed.
- Got a facial.
- Got a pedicure.
- Got a hair cut.
- Went out to eat with my whole fam.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

- Wait patiently.
- Play the piano or the fiddle or the mandolin.
- Talk softly.
- Travel the world.
- Fly.
- Give millions away to those in need.
- Live near ALL my friends.
- Stop time.  Or hurry it up.  Depending on the situation.  :)

8 Shows I Watch:

- Lost
- Criminal Minds
- CSI:  Miami
- CSI:  New York
- The Big Bang Theory (hilarious!)
- How I Met Your Mother
- American Idol (only this season because a hometown guy is on there!)
- CSI the origina,l but it's not as good since Grissom left.

I don't even know if I have 8 friends who blog that haven't already been tagged!  And I'm warning you...this is harder than it looks!
I tag:
- Abby Lee
- Kelli Stuart
- Anita Wilson
- Robin Stain
- Emily Stockdale
- Jamie Uehlinger
- Tracey Lamey
- Susan Wiley

And, since I'm addicted to pictures - here's my latest edition:


Cory and Cari said...

O MY GOSH. Pleae tell me where you got this SUPER DUPER cute chairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

P.S. Thanks for playing the 8 things game.

Sisters said...

the chsirs are fabulous and a great addition to your room!

Susan said...

OMG... so cute!

Jennifer Hill said...

You wouldn't be the same person that we know if you "talked softly"!

Anita said...

alright, i'll try to do this. i'm terrible at these things! btw, LOVE the chairs!!!