June 20, 2009

Hayden: 1 Year

I met Hayden and his mom, Jessica, at Hendrix yesterday afternoon for his one year portraits. He is the cutest thing with beautiful eyes! Here are some of my favorite shots. He was a trooper in the hot Arkansas sun!

After Hendrix, we headed on back to their house for some shots with Hayden's dad's show truck. He loved the truck! So many smiles!!!

Jessica, thanks for letting me capture your little boy's one year moments! He's adorable! Happy Birthday, Hayden!!!

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Summer Williams Photography said...

These are darling! Love them and what a cute little man. If you have any clue where Hayden's momma got that little "1" shirt made, do tell, b/c that would be perfect for my little Avery. I love how his cake and clothes are all coordinated--cute!