June 16, 2009

Conner Family (at the beach!)

As you might have heard - I was in Destin last week. :) Crazy enough, some friends of mine were down there at the exact same time I was! So, I got to take their pictures!! Here are some of my absolute favorites!!!

Conners, it was great seeing you all on the sandy beaches of Destin! :) I had a great time at our shoot. I hope you enjoy your pictures!!!!!!!!!


The O'Dells said...

Thanks for your comment on our blog! No worries lady, we are just excited! I love these of Becca's family! She has the BEST smile! Great photos!

Cory and Cari said...

These are cute! They are all the same size with the same color hair...it makes for nice symmetric pictures! ha!! I love the last one of all of them laughing. VERY CUTE!

Beka Conner said...

Love these pics Lindsey!! they look awesome...and i'm glad you placed us asymmetrically...no Sears portrait studio here!!