September 25, 2011

W Family

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I have a heart for adoption.  Domestic, foreign - all kinds!  I think it's great, and I love when people do it.  If anything is an earthly picture of God's love for us, adoption is!  This family got to meet their sweet new addition earlier this year, and a few weeks later, they got to bring her home.  They were several months ahead of my sister's family - The Andersons - in their adoption process, so hanging out with this sweet family made me all the more ready for little Nora to come home!  
Here's a little sneak peek of their session.  Enjoy!!


Heather O'Dell said...

Oh my goodness! What sweet, sweet pictures! You did a great job on this shoot! I love the lighting and the poses and the children, oh the children - so precious! My heart, too, beats for the orphans.

Bethany said...

Love the pictures and I love this family!