September 18, 2011


And I'm back!  Sorry it's been a while since I've posted.  Summer time is a little slow for me.  And I took a little break.  Truth is, I don't love blogging.  :)  I mean I love connecting with you.  And I love giving my clients a fun sneak peek.  But the actual mechanics of blogging - hate it.  It's not super user friendly.  So, I enjoyed not having to do it for a bit.  I also traveled a little to visit some friends whom I haven't seen in ages!  It was fun times, and nice to get to visit.
But I'm back now.  And gearing up for B.U.S.Y. season!!!
Here are some fun shots of Lincoln.  He's gotten so big!  And so busy!  The child does NOT sit down.  But he kept us entertained!!  :)  I am posting all of his in B&W because Lincoln's really edgy like that.  Enjoy!

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