July 11, 2010

O Family

5 kids under 4 years old.....Recipe for fast shooting!  :)  This family is precious to my heart - such sweet people and good friends of mine.  I was super excited to shoot their family with the latest additions - Lincoln and Story.  So much fun!!!

O Family - thanks for letting me hang out with you for the afternoon!  It was great seeing all of you - as always - and I enjoyed the visit!!!  :)  


Cari said...

And we love and enjoy you too Aunt Z!!! Thanks for taking on such a big task with so many little ones!!! You did a great job. It so fun to see all of them (kids) together in one picture!!! You are the B-E-S-T best!

Heather O'Dell said...

Great pictures, Lindsey! Thank you for taking ALL of us on! You are a trooper! So fun to see you and catch up!