July 30, 2010

Brittany: Maternity

Bless.  Her.  Heart.  That is all I could think as I was asking Brittany to "hop up" and sit down and all sorts of things in this heat!  I truly did feel bad.  But, I asked her anyway - you know - to get the shot.  ;)  She complied without complaint!  And it resulted in LOTS of fun shots.  Great light, this time of day.  Enjoy!!

And let me just say - this sun (flare and all) is R.E.A.L.  No edited sunlight in here.  Isn't this yum?!  LOVE it!!

And I'll leave you with my favorite.  I don't know if I could tell you exactly why it's my favorite - maybe because it feels like we are sharing in a sweet hidden moment - not sure.  But I love the feel of it.

Brittany, thanks for the opportunity to shoot your maternity portraits!  I can't wait to meet your baby girl!!

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