February 17, 2009

Liz: Bridal

I met Liz at this amazing home in downtown Little Rock on Saturday. Yes, I spent my Valentine's day with an engaged couple and a bride. ha ha! :) She, her cousing Lindsay, and I had lots of fun exploring the amazing rooms in this house, and I LOVED the light in there! So great! You gotta love old houses and all the windows! Liz, of course, looked stunning in her lace gown and veil. Here are some of my favorites from the day.
I love the effect of this one. Once again - great light.The entry way was white marble with black accents - perfect for bridals.
In case you couldn't tell, I'm sort of in love with this bouquet. LOVED the pink! And Liz had the marvelous idea of shooting around this piano. The two photos below are my absolute favorites!
Liz, once again, it was great seeing you! You did wonderfully for these shots, and you looked beautiful! Thanks for letting me in on your day! Hope you enjoy these!


Kelli Stuart said...

Just curious...is this Trapnell Hall? (and great shots!)

Stewart Imagery said...

Hi! I love the photos with the bouquet and piano with the lovely bride. Nice work! I saw your comment and answer on Jasmine Star's blog - we had the same question! Looks like you've nailed it! Congrats!
Question for you: how do you put your logo on each photo when posting to your blog?