April 1, 2013

Judy: Website Photo Shoot

This past weekend, while I was home for Easter, I met Ms. Judy in down town BK for a SUPER FUN photo shoot!  It had rained all day, but we got enough sun to get out and do our shoot.  I have known this lady since the womb.  Seriously.  Her daughter and I were close friends growing up, and we always sort of just felt like extensions of each other's families.  We still feel that way, even though we all live in different places.  We always fall right back into rhythm, and have a ball doing it!  My mom came with me, and helped keep us laughing the whole time keeping an eye out for "gawkers."
Ms. Judy has a website - Principles on Purpose - for her speaking engagements.  She is an amazing speaker, by the way, in case you ever need someone to speak at a conference, retreat, company event, etc....  Give her a call!  She is wanting to update her website, thus the reason for the photoshoot.  Not sure why I felt compelled to give you the reason, but there you go!  Enjoy some of my favorite shots of one of my favorite people!  I had trouble narrowing it down!!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Luv the pictures!!!!! Lovely lady ,lovelt photographerand it looks like a vey talented assistant!