November 11, 2011

H Family & Noah 1 Year

Normally the happy kiddo, Noah was not ready for a photo shoot yesterday afternoon.  Sweet boy is teething, getting over sickness, and had just woken up.  So, our first few pics looked like this.  However, he perked up a little and we ended up getting some smiles and some cute family photos too!  Enjoy!

I love the below shot.  It's classic family with little kids!!  Mom and dad are poised and ready and the kiddos just gotta be kiddos!  Hilarious!

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'The H Family' said...

As always, these are awesome Linds!!! You were QUITE the trooper yesterday!! It was just NOT Noah's day! Thanks for attempting to at least get something...I am truly shocked that there were this many good ones! :) You're the best! LOVE THEM!!