October 28, 2011

Hallee: 3 Months

I must confess......the 3 month shoot of the Baby's First Year package is usually something I really don't look forward to.  Not that I don't love the sweet little babies and families I shoot!  It's just that the 3 month age is so hard to shoot.  They are too little to sit up or really hold their head up much but they are past that little sleepy baby age where you can sort of mush them where you want them.  They are just the most difficult out of the 5 sessions.  BUT - Hallee. Totally. Rocked it!  She did great without so much as the hint of a tear.  And we got some great shots too!!  :)  She is SUCH a cutie!!!  Love her!  Enjoy the sneak peek!

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Anonymous said...

this is the cutest shot of the swetest face I have ever seen...LOVE IT!