April 23, 2011

Emily: Senior

OK, so this is a little painful to type......I used to babysit Emily.  There....I said it.  I'm old.  ;)  
I was so super excited when this sweet girl asked me to shoot her senior pictures.  My family has been friends with her family for years, and we are all just basically just extended family.  LOVE her!  And her parents.  And her brother and sister!!!  :)  Anyway, we had lots of fun shooting on a very humid day!  We got lots of great shots and also got to catch up!  

Emily, even though it makes me feel ridiculously old, Congrats on the upcoming graduation!!  I wish you the best at DBU, and look forward to hearing amazing things about you from your mom.  ;)  I love you tons, and I'm so thankful to have gotten to take your pictures!!!  Love so much, ZZ

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