August 24, 2010

Lincoln: 6 months

Despite an ear infection coming on, Lincoln was a trooper for us this past weekend, and we got some great shots of him in his Elvis shirt.  :)  He is such a cutie, and I always have fun shooting him.  Enjoy!!

And if you haven't ever seen these jean diapers, click HERE and check it out.  So funny!!!
Love you, Lincoln!  Sorry you were feeling bad, but you look uber cute in your jean diapers!  :)  
Love, Aunt Z (aka - author of your favorite book)


Heather O'Dell said...

Great pictures, Lindsey! I know Cari must be thrilled!

Sisters said...

Cute pictures!

Cari said...

Thank you Lindsey!!! You are right -- the camera didn't catch one snot bubble or tear! These are sooo cute!

O and Lincoln is wondering when you are going to write another book?!?!

Christina Anderson said...

Adorable!!! He's such a cutie! :) Precious pictures and sweet smiles!

hannah said...

what fantastic pictures!! i mean, he is the cutest little boy ever...but still, what wonderful pictures. i love the gummy smile one!