May 24, 2010

Lauren Catherine & Jillian

Twins!!!  There is a special place in my heart for twins.  My dad is a twin.  My grandmother is a twin.  I have MULTIPLE cousins who are twins, and even a few uncles who are.  I love to shoot twins - they just do their thing - usually in sync with the other one.  I fully believe in the "twin language", and I find it fascinating.  They are so much fun!
Lauren Catherine and Jillian just turned two, and their mom bought an adoption deal package to capture some of their two year old moments.  It was hot, but it did not phase them a bit!  Below is the "Diva" - Lauren Catherine - she loved to pose, and was GREAT at it!  :)

Jillian - with those huge eyes!  So pretty!
So cute!!!

Big brother, Truman, was on standby to help with the girls.  I just had to post this one because, well, this child is just gorgeous.

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