April 17, 2010

B Family

I can't exactly remember when I first me Johnathan & Emily, but Addie Leigh and Piper were a lot littler, and Haddon wasn't even here yet.  I have seen them since, but I sure was surprised to see how big the girls have gotten!  
I had so much fun at this shoot!  Any time you have 3 kids of all different ages in one shot, you know you are in for a good time!  This family is super sweet and we laughed a lot!  :)  Enjoy the peek!  I had a hard time narrowing it down.

B Family, I had so much fun today!  It was great seeing you all!  I hope you enjoyed our shoot!  :)


Edna said...

I think this is one of THE cutest families I have seen you take.... beautiful kids and a lovely set of parents... Oh by the way the photography was't bad either!!!!

Christina Anderson said...

Such cute pictures Linds! Gorgeous family guys! The kids are getting so big!!! I remember the first time I met them - it was summer of 2001 at the SOAR conference in Kansas City! I think it was before they were married!

Terrance said...

OMG these are so so good! I wish I lived closer so you could take my family pics. If you are ever in the OHio area please come by....lol