January 24, 2010

Granny Pete

This is my Granny Pete. :) Yes, I said Pete. No, Pete is not her real name. However, I think I was 13 or something before I ever even knew her real name. A couple weeks ago, I took these pictures while a bunch of family was at her house to play cards and visit. She LOVES cards! She is the queen of Rook. I have no idea how to play, but love watching her. We always joke and say she cheats, but sometimes I don't think that is too far from the truth. ;) She wins a lot.

I love watching her play, because inevitably, she will do something and get so tickled at herself - and laugh. hard. for a long time. SO CUTE!!! Here are just a few pictures I got of her laughing at herself. Be ready for the cuteness. . . .

She is a precious, precious lady to me and my whole family. She is a hard worker, an AMAZING cook, a great card player, a wonderful mom, grandmother, aunt, great grandmother - so many things! I love her so much! So does everyone who knows her. :)


Sarah Elms said...

I told someone not too long ago about your Grandmas' homemade hot chocolate and how she would fix it when the Jameson's would go caroling..... I think it is your Grandma Pete.....

awfamily said...

these are so precious!!!

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